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Daily screencaps from The Simpsons
Your daily Simpsons fix!

Now with FAQs:

So, what exactly is on this community?
One random screen shot of The Simpsons is posted each day

How do you choose the pictures you'll post?
There's no real rhyme or reason to how they are chosen. Sometimes, it's a case of watching an episode and thinking "ooh, that looks good, I gotta post that". Sometimes I'll realise I haven't capped a particular character/theme/episode for a while and decide to address the imbalance. Sometimes I'll just randomly pick out a DVD, randomly press pause and say "Right, that's it, onto simpsons_fix it goes." Occasionally, I'll decide to do a 'theme week', where every pic posted that week will be related in some way. Sometimes, the pictures may be something that a member of the community has requested

Ooh, ooh, ooh! Can I request a pic?
Sure, but I can't make any promises

Can you make it more fun by also posting quotes from the scene you've posted?
I could, but it seems that a lot of people enjoy posting quotes as comments. Sometimes there are whole conversations from trading lines. If I posted these things myself, I'd be hogging everyone else's fun.

May I make an icon out of that pic you posted?
It's really nice of you to ask, but really, I don't own any of the images, nor do I go to a great deal of creative effort to make the caps. Go right ahead and make one :D

How come only one person gets to post to the community?
The simple answer is that this community was patterned after similar "one pic of X each day" communities. That's the way all of them are set up, so I just followed their lead. The only other real reason is that if everyone is posting to the community, it'll become a free-for-all, and not a specific screencap community

Awwww, but I wanna post comments about episodes, my favourite quotes, polls, surveys, purple monkey dishwashers, "NEED KNOW STAR RM PIC"...
Great! Do just that. There are plenty of Livejournal communities for that sort of thing. With no bias whatsoever, I can personally recommend springfield.

Should I 'join' the community or 'watch' it?
Honestly, in this community, it makes no difference. Whether you're a member, a watcher or a casual lurker, you can do exactly the same thing (view the posts and make comments)

How would I go about creating a half-man, half-monkey-type creature?
I'm sorry, that would be playing God

God Schmod! I want my monkey-man
And I want a pony...
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